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About Us

About Us


The Goals of our Program

  • Attain a strong feeling of identity with their heritage and to develop a sense of Love and Pride in being Jewish.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the Mitzvot, traditions and practices that Judaism stands for. To study the morals, values and ethical behavior mandated by the Torah, and develop an appreciation and experience a hands-on approach to all holidays.
  • Master the skills of Hebrew reading and to gradually develop the ability to understand basic Hebrew words, emphasizing prayers, so that the students will feel comfortable when attending services.
  • Identify with the Land of Israel as their own land and develop an interest in issues relating to Israel and its inhabitants.
  • Discover and explore the incredible history of the Jewish people and its relevance for all times.
  • Allow the students to express their opinions and questions about G‑d, Torah and religion and to have them understand the importance and relevance of Torah in today’s day and age.
  • Attain a “Jewish” perspective on life and maintain Jewish feelings and involvement beyond the years at Hebrew School and ultimately perpetuate this onto future generations.

Our program is for boys and girls grades Nursery through 7 (ages 4 - 13).

Sunday: 10:00 - 12:30

All classes will be held at 10870 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 104 in the Sunridge Village Shopping Center

Our office number is (702) 617 - 0770 or email

Upcoming events
Aug. 21, 2017
Whether you're a beginner or looking to brush up on your reading skills, join Rabbi Mendy in this 5 session crash-course before the holidays.
Per Person: $50.00
Couples: ...
Aug. 23, 2017
Join Rabbi Mendy as he delves into the deeper meaning behind the Parshah.

Class is free
Text book optional $20.00
Aug. 24, 2017
Mitzvah Class - 6:00pm-7:00pm
Join us as we will be discussing the 613 Commandments in the Torah and their rationale.
This class is facilitated by Moshe Meir (The Mitzvah Man) ...
Aug. 24, 2017
Kabbalah For Beginners-7:30pm-9:00pm
Classes that bring Kabbalah and Jewish philosophy down to earth and makes them relevant to our own lives. "Kabbalah for Beginners - GPS for the Soul" ...